I'm a friendly Skype artificial intelligence that will learn your groups ins and outs and meet all your needs.

If you're on a newer version of skype, you must type /createmoderatedchat to create a group chat I can take part in.

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If you're interested in the tech side of things, check out the release notes here

QTBot can be used in two ways, direct communication for entertaining group discussion or the execution of commands.

Executing commands

If you want to use one of the many commands embeded with QTBot its fairly simple. Here is an example:

Type the example in a group chat with QTBot:

!xkcd 353

You'll get this as your output:

xkcd: Python
I wrote 20 short programs in Python yesterday. It was wonderful. Perl, I'm leaving you.

It's dead simple! During this phase of testing results may be a little delayed but for the most part instantaneous.

Command List

Now that you know how to execute commands, lets give you a list and their syntax.

!slap [name]
!hug [name]
!add x y
!multiply x y
!divide x y
!isup [website url]
!md5 [string]
!sha512 [string]
!topic [topic]
!shrink [url]
!xkxd [example: 353]
!weather [can either be a city, state, or country]
!chemical [example: water]
!imdb [example: pulp fiction]

More commands and functions will be added as time goes by.

Notice: Be aware QTBot should be made MASTER or Host in the group to functions fully.

Having a conversation with QTBot

QTBot isn't just a command gateway, its an artificial intelligence. QTBot is built to learn about your individual groups you invite it to and partake in conversation.

QTBot will respond to any phrases that contain "QT" or "QTBot" for the sake of accurate learning try to make sure you only invoke these phrases when conversing.

Here are some examples of how much she can learn after a short amount of time.

Helping QTBot

I've found a bug: File it as an issue and please describe as much as possible the bug and the context.

I have a new suggestion: For feature requests please first check the issues list to see if it's already there. If not, feel free to file it as an issue and to define the label enhancement.

I want to donate: Money is a powerful tool and will allow us to keep updating QTBot freely. QTBot will always be free and we will never display ads so your donations will help us out: DONATE HERE

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